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Thanks for your interest to volunteer with our organization. Volunteering with us means joining our humanitarian projects as your own. We assume that giving your weeks or month and traveling thousand of miles away, you will not just like to teach one class per day. With your involvement with us you will also be providing some meals to children, stationery for their education, improving their health standard and more.

First step:

  • Email us with your interested program and why you are passionate about.
  • Send us a copy of your Resume/CV along with your passport copy.
  • Deposit $200 for booking of your spot. This help us to secure your spot for volunteering and to schedule your airport pick up and drop off.
  • Please send us your flight information so our team can pick you at the airport.
  • Be in touch with our Facebook group to be updated with our work.
  • Ask us any question you have about weather, visa, what to pack, what to bring and more.

Second Step:

  • After we pick you from the airport, you will be hosted on our guest house with other volunteers. Our guest house is 2 min away from Children’s home.
  • After you settle on guest house, you will need to pay your project fee. Your program fee not only help us to manage your accommodation in Nepal but also to provide fruits for children, different nutritious meals, better hygiene, proper health care, better education and more.

           2 weeks = $500 USD

           3 weeks = $800 USD

           4 weeks = $1000 USD

            Additional weeks = $150 per week

What program fee includes for you?

  • A shared room other volunteers.
  • WiFi
  • 3 times meals per day
  • Program orientation
  • 24/7 Emergency support
  • 24/7 Program support
  • A guide for cultural sightseeing around Kathmandu.
  • Volunteering certificate


What program fee includes for the project?

Since 2012, we are running a children’s home supporting vulnerable children of Nepal. We started with 10 children and now we are supporting 12( 2 children are orphan, 7 children are from single parents and 3 are from poor family ). Our organization main aim is to provide better future for these children. We provide basic things like food, education, clothes, medical for them in family environment. With your involvement we are aiming to better these qualities of life. Your project fee also support on our Children’s home expenses:

  • A month breakfast for children’s home ( $240 USD per month )
  • A month school lunch for children’s home ( $36 USD per month )
  • Education fee ( $180 USD per month for 12 children )
  • Daily eggs ( $70 USD per month )
  • A month dinner for children’s home ( $240 USD Per month )
  • Educational Stationery for 12 children ( $86 USD per Month )
  • School transportation ( $72 USD per month )



Here’s How your accommodation looks like: 

Budhanil Guest House

Volunteer House

Volunteer accommodation

Volunteer shared room

Volunteer accommodation



Who you will be meeting in your first days?
Abroad Volunteers

After one of our staff pick you from airport you will be dropped to our volunteer accommodation guest house. Where you will be meeting other volunteers as well as family taking care of 12 children. Even if you have not applied Children’s home project and confirmed your placement in Animal care/ Monastery/ Hospital. You will be meeting this family for your first week and you will be having meals with them. During the day you will be involve with different volunteer project you applied to be part of.